Hi, thanks for stopping by. All of the work posted here is designed and fabricated by me. I produce interactive and immersive light art installations that explore the dynamic relationship between phosphorescent and fluorescent elements with pulsing ultraviolet light sources. I am motivated by the art potential of new materials, technologies and the new art possibilities offered by their properties. The electronic light art that I make is interactive and can be manipulated with buttons, knobs and physical gestures. Each viewer creates their own unique visual experience. I'm interested in creating art that is experiential, interactive and may bring about a state of trance in the viewer much like watching a fire. I am fascinated by how the brain can assemble a rapid series of images and reinterpret them as smooth motion. I was trained as an industrial designer, and later worked for years in the television and film industry producing electromechanical props and other special effects. This technical experience has complimented my industrial design training.


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